I've enabled HTTPS via LetsEncrypt, what's my next step?

So earlier today I followed the #howto for enabling HTTPS with LetsEncrypt. But once I got to the part about checking all resources and making sure they are all HTTPS compatible, i was a little stuck.

I want to enable force_https in my admin settings, but currently I have one resource that is not https compatible. I found this out by using the developer console in Chrome. How do I go about making it compatible with HTTPS?

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It all depends on which resource isn’t compatible. Is it a Discourse asset, hosted on your instance, or something from a third party?

Give us a little information here, otherwise we can’t do much to answer the question.


Seems to be an asset hosted on my instance. One of my logos.

Do you mean the site logo in /admin/site_settings/category/required ?

If so you can correct any references there to locally stored assets without any risk.

If it’s part of an HTML or CSS change in a theme customisation you should be able to edit the code directly, substituting HTTP for HTTPS. Once you enable Let’s Encrypt all of your uploaded assets become available via HTTPS automatically.