"Jump to Bookmarks" keyboard shortcut opens incorrectly


(TechnoBear) #1

The keyboard shortcut g,b doesn’t open the Profile “bookmarks” page; instead, it opens the old “starred topics” page (or its current equivalent). The links from that page go to the topic, not to the bookmarked post, which renders them fairly useless if you have bookmarked an early post in a lengthy discussion.

The links from the Profile “bookmarks” page point to the correct post, but that page isn’t keyboard-navigable.

(Sam Saffron) #2

oh my, if you take that away from me I will cry so much.

I use g b a lot, cause I really dislike bookmarks in my users page, think it is a terrible fit

  • It is cramped
  • the excerpts are pointless
  • Remove Bookmark is repeated over and over
  • No way of sorting the list

I left g b in so I have some sane way of dealing with my bookmarks, if you take that away I will be very sad.

(Dave McClure) #3

Hmm… I wonder if most of the things in “Activity” and “Notifications” on the user page would be better replaced with their rough equivalent as a personal topic-list tab/filter…

(Régis Hanol) #4

I agree this is annoying. We should fix that.

(Sam Saffron) #5

If you click on the bookmark icon it takes you to the bookmark

(TechnoBear) #6

I don’t want to take it away from you - I only want it fixed.

But you can’t (easily) do that with keyboard navigation; you need to tab through everything to reach it. If j/k moved focus to the highlighted entry, so that tabbing started there (as it does with topic posts) and it only required one tab to get to the actual bookmark, I would be a Very Happy Bear.

(Sam Saffron) #7

Sure I’m happy to add a kb shortcut for that

(TechnoBear) #8

Thank you - that would be perfect.