Just checking out discourse for my website

(Joe Jerde) #1

Hello everyone, just checking out the forum software to possibly migrate over from my vB4 website. @JohnSReid referred me. So far liking what I see!

Any advice for migrating over from a vB4 forum?

(Kane York) #2

Have you tried looking through these topics?


(Joe Jerde) #3

Thanks for the reply. So far I have it pinned down to either Discourse or bbPress. Any advice about the pros and cons of each?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

I can tell you that this site migrated from bbPress, and we used our importer to get them there:


We’ve done this a few times. I’m not totally up to speed on exactly what bbPress does today, but I haven’t seen bbPress as a first tier choice for people who want a forum, usually that decision is made based on the fact that bbPress is a WordPress technology stack and they want to stay within that framework.

(Joe Jerde) #5

Yeah, bbPress seems to the be simplest option for those who aren’t too code savvy. I have a forum of 25K threads and 200K posts, so it’s a decent size (http://www.blackberryos.com). How does Discourse handle larger forums?

I also was wondering if the Discourse comment system can be used independently within Wordpress blog posts? I’m not a big fan of importing already existing comments to blog posts from an intermediate thread because it can produce duplicate content which Google frowns upon.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

You will have @supermathie swooning, as he is Blackberry4lyfe. :wink:

Size should not be a problem, we’ve imported and run far larger than those numbers.

If you install the WP-Discourse plugin, you can use Discourse as a read-only comment system – users can read comments in WordPress, but to write a comment they must click through to the community side. Then each blog post spawns a new topic in the specified category, and replies to that topic appear on the blog post.

(Joe Jerde) #7

Good to know. And we can always use another BB4LIFE fan! :slight_smile:

On the read-only comment system. Wouldn’t that throw a red flag to Google as possible problematic URLs and seen as duplicate content?

I know that vBulletin v4 did that, as creating a new blog post also created a forum thread where the comments were actually hosted and therefore also seen as duplicate/similar, URL/content.

Is there any way to still use the Discourse comment system, but keep it separate for blog posts? I’ve seen others use Disqus with what looks like SSO integration.

(Joe Jerde) #8

So looks like Google may have changed their views on duplicate content since the last I took hard look at it… Duplicate content - Search Console Help

Although has anyone done any research as to if We’re Hiring a Sysadmin and We're Hiring a Sysadmin will be seen as problematic for Google SEO? Since they both have an identical URL slug.

(Mittineague) #9

How so?
I don’t see http://blog.discourse.org/2015/04/.... and https://meta.discourse.org/t/.... as being identical.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

I am sure those are not the only two pages on the internet to have duplicate <title> tags :wink:

The URL being different counts for everything, I think.

(Joe Jerde) #11

Is there a way to embed the discourse commenting system into Wordpress posts so that it is independent of the forum? I like the idea of our readers to be able to comment directly without having to be directed to another page.

(Jeff Atwood) #12

No, that is not part of the Discourse plan. If you want writable or full embedding, look at Disqus.

(Joe Jerde) #13

I’m familiar with Disqus, it’s a great commenting system. Looks like I’ll need to look at SSO integration with Disqus then.

(Jeff Atwood) #14

Yeah, the only risk there is that they own all the content and will serve their own ads on it, etc. But if you absolutely, positively need on page comments, you want some kind of embeddable commenting system, not a forum.

(Joe Jerde) #15

Right. So I think Disqus for commenting on articles. And Discourse for importing all of my forum content. Then integrate SSO for the both. Looks like my best option right now. Looks to be working nicely for Sitepoint… Just Launched: The New SitePoint Forums — SitePoint

(Mittineague) #16

SitePoint no longer uses Disqus for Article comments. Comments now become part of a Topic.

(Joe Jerde) #17

Yeah, I’m still not into the having to redirect to another page simply to comment. In our case where we write a log of different types of news, it is counterproductive to getting users to interact on the blog, especially if that person is on a mobile device and commenting.

(Jeff Atwood) #18

It depends if you want drive by commenters, or to nudge people towards becoming community members. There is a “strafing run” type of user who sees some blog entry that triggers them and then replies with emotion, but has no real interest in your community or site.

It is a barrier, but it is intended to produce a certain result that I feel is generally better.

If it is the kind of user who is so bothered by clicking through and going to the community that they don’t post at all, you are often better off without their input. Sometimes barriers to keep out the bored, lazy, and not very interested can be a good thing…

(Joe Jerde) #19

I agree, but on the other had there is a reason sites offer up articles that purposely draw up those types of quick emotional comments. Because it results in many pageviews that equal more in ad revenue. I see the internet as that type of platform today where casual conversation dominates thought out conversation. That’s why I’d say if you are looking to generate pageviews, then commenting must be as easy as possible.

(Mittineague) #20

Is there an SSO for WordPress - Discourse?
It would make things easier if visitors didn’t need to Register twice in order to be able to leave a comment.