Keeping user reputation when importing to discourse

(Dave Higgins) #1

I’ve imported my community to Discourse from mybb. (Loving Discourse btw :smiley:) I would like to reflect the reputation/recognition which users have built up before the import. I realise I could manually fix trust levels for some users (a manual solution like this is fine for me) but if I do this, the trust levels will no longer reflect actual use after a few weeks later

Any thoughts on preserving user reputation/activity (or recognition of it) after an import to Discourse? Not related to mybb in particular, or to import scripts, but as a general thing for importing to Discourse?

(Erick Guan) #2

The reputation is not equal in two systems. Trust level in Discourse comes from user activities. For sure, improve importing scripts by importing more user activities is possible but it introduces work in several days.
Another way, write a script. Set a fixed trust level for users (>1) in 100 days. After that, remove the trust level lock so you recover your the dynamic promotions. TL1 is too easy to be granted. I think there won’t be any trouble of that.