Key shortcut for spoiler / blur feature?

(Markus) #1

Hello friends,

I’m using this feature currently very often for learning guides. It would be much easier for me to have some shortcut for wrapping the answers.

Any idea for a good workaround?


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Use a text insertion (or clipboard) program in your OS. These have many practical uses.

(Markus) #3

Actually, this way is more complicated (in fact time consuming) as using the symbol bar.

I copy & paste my question with answer into the composer and just wanna select the answer by courser keys = magic key combination will do the rest for me.

The way you are suggesting means:

  1. copy & paste the question and answer,
  • selecting the beginning of the answer
  • go to some place on my OS to copy the spoiler tag (OSX e.g.: Dashboard sticky)
  1. copy it and
  2. going back to the browser window
  3. paste it
  4. paste it again at the end of the answer and
  5. adding a “/” sign by another key combination
  6. repeat it again and gain… :tired_face:

:smiley: Any clue how to speed this up?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

No, not at all, there are substitution tools that when you type a certain sequence of characters, it automatically expands into a larger character sequence. Or a shortcut key. Do some searching; this stuff is out there.

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

When I compose much text I use a browser plug in that lets me edit in emacs, the way God intended. And then in emacs, I create keystrokes and whatnot to solve the pesky problems you describe.