Keyboard shortcut for dismiss all notifications?

Many actions in discourse, which require just one click, have a keyboard shortcut for them.

But one action, which requires “a click + a (looong) drag + another click” doesn’t have any shortcut.

I’m talking about 'Dismiss All (notifs)".

I can’t think of any reason not to have a keyboard shortcut for Dismiss All.

I would find it pretty frustrating to lose all my notifications to a single errant keypress.

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Oh! So that’s one worry behind it.

But couldn’t it be a two - three keys combination. So that nobody could press it inadvertently.

Like there is one for logout.

It’s difficult to draw a parallel there. Logout isn’t destructive - it doesn’t change the state of anything within the user account.

Logout shortcut was just an example of shortcut which could not be pressed in error. (shift +z, shift +z)

My point is that it’s one of the few actions which need equal to 3 clicks on discourse and yet doesn’t have a short way.

Let’s look at another system for a moment and consider Gmail. Keyboard shortcuts exist to change the read state of individual messages, but if you want to mark everything as read it’s a three-step process.

It seems quite reasonable to ask users to do that when there’s no easy method to undo such a sweeping change.

Why is it you need to dismiss all your notifications so regularly that you need a keyboard shortcut? Is the problem the shortcut, or that you’re simply receiving to many notifications?

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I often receive likes on my posts which I don’t want to check each one. So there is only one way left, to dismiss all notifs.

Same is for some other small notifs (like backup completed), which isn’t needed to be read specially because the push notif showed what was in there already.

So in each of such cases, I often have to go to the bottom of hamburger menu to clear all notifs.