Keyboard shortcuts?


(Martin H. Normark) #1

Do you plan to add keyboard shortcuts to Discource?

Off the top of my head:

Within the list of topics view
j: Move the selection indicator in the table up
k: Move the selection indicator in the table down
enter: Open the topic

Within a topic
j: Scroll to the message above
k: Scroll to the message below
l: Like
s: Share
b: Bookmark
r: Reply
n: Reply as new topic

Within the editor
Esc: Cancel

Override HOME/END keys to perform same action as topic counter
(Matthias Vogelgesang) #2

Would be also nice to see, if threads could be easily merged. This one comes to my mind :wink:

(Martin H. Normark) #3

And if search could match shortcut with hotkey – you can’t have it all (at once) I figure :neckbeard:


shift+enter to post from the editor seems like a good idea too.

(Martin H. Normark) #5

I’ve totally gotten used to tab then enter, like Gmail and Twitter does. It already works here too, since it just relies on the tab index of the submit button.

(Joey) #6

Would love to see keyboard shortcuts!

(Taylor) #8

I would love to have keyboard navigation.

(Jarek Radosz) #9

[quote=“martinnormark, post:1, topic:1589”]j: Scroll to the message above
k: Scroll to the message below[/quote]

Shouldn’t j select/scroll to the next post/topic (the one below previously selected), and k to the one above? It’s how vim, google reader, gmail, and other work.

(Martin H. Normark) #10

Even within a topic? In Google Reader, you never go to a dedicated “story” view, like you do here.

Wouldn’t it be quite aggressive to navigate to a whole different topic?

I’d rather let j/k navigate the posts wihtin the topic, which enables you to use the other post specific shortcuts (like, share, reply etc).

(Jarek Radosz) #11

You’re absolutely right. The only thing I’m suggesting is that j should select next item, not a previous one. :smiley:

(Martin H. Normark) #12

Doh :smiley: I don’t know how I misunderstood that post of yours

(Davidyang6us) #13

And make f a fullscreen mode that hides that ever-persistent top-bar. My tiny screen is crying right now.

(Taylor) #14

Even better would be if the bar just went away when you scrolled down. Like many mobile apps, it could immediately reappear if the user scrolled up at all (that way you save screen space but don’t have to go all the way back up to the top).


That might be fine for a mobile pattern, but would seem weird on a desktop app. Maybe only when the top bar is more then a certain fraction of the screen?

(Sam Saffron) #16

FYI, we would love keyboard shortcuts, have already updated

If you would like to work on this, let us know.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #17

Whoever ends up doing this needs to keep accessibility in mind. Though if done right, this would probably be a major boon to accessibility.

(skisulli) #18

I will take a crack at this. My thought would be to make them as close to the hotkeys in gmail. Is there any accessibility specifics I need to keep in mind as far as this goes?

(hoover) #19

+1 for fully implementing keyboard navigation… I don’t mind wether it’s vi or emacs like by default, maybe make it customizable via your user preferences page?


(Jeff Atwood) #20

It is already present as a community contributed PR from @skisulli , press ? to see the keyoard controls.

Still a work in progress though.

(Sam Saffron) #21

complete enough to be closed now