Keyboard users can't select Show More in Search Results

(cpradio) #1

Because whoever wrote the keyboard navigation for search, decided to auto select the first entry and require using up/down to navigate the result list, keyboard users can never select Show More. :frowning:

Sure you can tab your focus to show more, but pressing enter, causes the first search result to be loaded due to the up/down key bindings.

I’d like to rip out the up/down key bindings and allow tab to work, as it always does for keyboard users, it sets the focus of the link you want to open. That is how tab is intended to work for keyboard users, that is how it has always worked. Search results are breaking that and it is frustrating to say the least :smile:

Anyone care, if I tackle this and make the search results more keyboard friendly? As I plan to attempt it this weekend. Which will allow the Site Map Menu, User Profile Menu and Search to all work the same. :smile:

Search box. Results are no longer selectable with Up / Down arrow Keys
(Jeff Atwood) #2

Sure, just do not break primary mouse / touch interactions. That is a priority.

(cpradio) #3

PR submitted.

Mouse interaction still works great. Keyboard interaction is greatly improved. There is still one more improvement that could be made (but I’ll have to spend a lot more time on it), pressing enter on Show More works, but it removes the focus from the search results and places it at the top of the page again.

I’ve added it to my list and will come back to it, as the fix isn’t straight forward (or so it seems).

(Sam Saffron) #4