Keyshort: Press "ctrl+enter" to post

(Nowindlee) #1

When I input something, I need to click the “create topic” or “reply” button. Will discourse provide a keyshort, such as “ctrl+enter”, to submit?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

A fine idea, but doesn’t tab and then space do the same thing?

(Valts) #3

Probably depends on the skin.

(Nowindlee) #4

Good, I didn’t know tab can jump out of the editor.

(Nowindlee) #5

Is it possible to provide some tips? For example, when my mouse is hover on the “Reply” button, it will show a tip “Use tab + space to submit quickly”.

Or provide some more keyshorts, with a link “keyshorts” to explain them?

(Ides) #6

This would be extremely valuable to uncover widely overlooked conveniences.

(Michele Savisto) #7

It does, but I’d prefer something more explicit, like Ctrl+Enter. Tab+Space could go awry if you accidentally hit Tab twice.

I’m not sure how easy it is, but the best option would probably be to provide the board admins with the option of setting their own keystrokes and tool tips.

(Anton) #8

I vote for Ctrl+Enter, like it used ti be in Skype (until they removed Send shortcut at all) and in some biggest social network chats, like at . Many people are used to Ctrl-Enter.

(Dan Neumann) #9

Yeah, seems like a sure-why-not feature. I like the deliberate action of tabbing over to Reply and slamming enter, maybe someone gets the same rush from slamming ctrl-enter.

Although websites that let you use Enter to submit while the textarea has focus (Facebook chat) give me intense anxiety.

(Ildar Abdulin) #10

+1 for ctrl+enter, it’s 2 times faster than tab then enter :smile:

(Dave McClure) #11

Ctrl+Enter now works, this topic can be closed @codinghorror

Civilized way to notify moderators that a topic might be closed
(Régis Hanol) #12