Knowledge Base Plugin

Really like this concept!

Is there a way to reorder how the categories appear in the kb?

I’ve removed this limitation, however I would advise against having many more than 29 topics per knowledge base category at this stage (I’ve yet to add a concept of ‘pagination’ to the list). Try to use more knowledge base categories instead.

Thanks, fixed :sun_with_face:

Yes there is :slight_smile:

You can set a fixed custom order for the knowledge base, which also appears as a new topic list in the relevant knowledge base category in the normal Discourse discovery UI.



I think what you mentioned/screenshot is a way to reorder topics within a category and not the categories themselves? In your picture, suppose in addition to “How to” there was an “Articles” category with a bunch of topics under it - I’m wondering how to set the order of the “How to” and “Articles”.

Ah I see, no not currently, but perhaps there should be!

If someone wants to make a feature request for this please see:


Thanks again Angus,
Will look to getting that updated shortly, cheers for the feedback -i have broken down to category level and shortened, whilst trying to keep the information in context.

One thing i might ask for in feature request is for all the category tabs not to be expanded on opening page (unless via search) on initial KB page ( just a nice to have). Do you think that would be doable?

Its ok found it (cant see for looking)

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Right now when you click on the > symbol it goes to the category description and when you click on the name of the category itself/anywhere else in the gray box it shows or hides the topics in the category.

I think this is a little counter intuitive and should be the other way around - the > symbol is associated with showing/hiding stuff while I think it’s more expected that clicking on the name goes to the description.


Yes, I was thinking the same when I was building this :sweat_smile:. I’ll switch it round:


This is great Angus. Would it be possible to have embeded videos show up? For example: Video - Learn to use the new forum

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Angus I’ve gone to donate half a dozen times to your work over the last year and then remembered you don’t take bitcoin. This plug in solves the lack of permanent stickies (Even if it’s only one on a per category basis) very nicely and will be an absolute god send.

We have a lot of information that people read, take on board at the time but have no use for for anywhere up to 90 days, when they come to look for it they ask staff - a lot. We’re trying to encourage bookmarking but it remains about as popular as celery.

All our revenue for us comes in via crypto and we pay all our bills and other expendables with it as well, for those who are helping out or maintaining plugins it takes 30 seconds to put a receive address on your page/profile. I can’t be the only one here who handles cryptocurrency every day.

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This has been updated to be a bit more intuitive:

I’ve made a feature request on your behalf using the feature request wizard on my sandbox.

Which created this feature request topic:

We need 5 votes for this to be added to the open source schedule. See further:

I’ve added a bitcoin wallet address to the donation page :slight_smile:

Interested to hear how use the current feature-set of the plugin with your use case. Let me know how it goes and if there are any issues.


Dear @tobiaseigen and @angus,

thanks for bringing this fine plugin to the general public. We are currently ramping it up on and look forward to its outcome for our little community.

Just a short note: We found that

the latter vanity url at the /knowledge path does not invoke the plugin renderer but yields a 404 Not Found, see

With kind regards,

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This plugin is great, thank you !!
I hope we will have the possibility to display the KB link in the category nav items (like in your Events Plugin) :slight_smile:

Thx again for your work !

Thanks for this report :+1:. If you’re able to submit it at Bug Report (requires account on my sandbox it would be much appreciated.

Currently the plugin adds a “knowledge base” list to the normal topic discovery. This list shows you the knowledge base category in the custom order set in the knowledge base itself.

But I take it, that you’re looking for a link to the knowledge base itself? I understand the need for this, however I’m not sure the topic list nav is necessarily the best place to put this. Interested in others’ thoughts on this.

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Link in either the hamburger menu via Custom hamburger menu links or in the header via Custom Header Links probably makes most sense.

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Yes, I saw this feature ! First time I thought it was a link to turn on the KB view :smile: … So I confess I won’t use it, is there a way to hide it (for my community, I think it will be confusing…) ?

Yes ! But you and @Ellibereth are probably right, I don’t know where would be the best place for this link. I think I was expecting this kind of feature because I feel that here is a constant in some of your plugins : some categories & topics produce a new way of data-visualization (location -> map ; events -> calendar ; kb -> wiki).

To be more precise, I think a coherent way (in my opinion) of displaying all those plugins in the topic list nav would be something like that :
| Categories | Recent | New | [Whatever you have] | Tools [drop down menu] |
------------------------------------------------------------------| > Calendar |
------------------------------------------------------------------| > Map |
------------------------------------------------------------------| > Knowledge Base |

I agree with you with a little nuance in my case : I don’t put discourse content link into the header, I use it to link external content, so there would be a contradiction… For the hamburger, unfortunately nobody uses it in my community.

Anyway, I’m sure this is gonna be a great plugin however you evolves it :sunny:

P.S sorry for my english if something doesn’t make sense :baby:

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Could we get an option to remap where it displays? It’s been suggested that /help is more intuitive than /k which is fair comment I think!


I agree - this could be an admin setting. Can you add a feature request? Feature Request


Personally, I’d like to see it appear in the hamburger menu… it could be enabled via an admin setting, similar to the events plugin.

The link in hamburger menu could match the knowledge base title


I installed this plugin to test it. I could see the option to reorder topics in a category, but not the categories themselves (seems like the meaning of category is different to the discourse one). Can we get similar sorting for the top level assigned discourse categories?

That’s the only thing thats missing for me to use it at this point :slight_smile:

i.e. where it says “save” and “cancel”, can we have sorting options there aswell, so that we can organise multiple knowledge base categories?



You can vote for said feature here - one more vote and it gets added to the workflow!