Kyrgyz language does not exist in Transifex

(Tenzan) #1

I’d like to start translating Discourse into the Kyrgyz language, but it doesn’t exist in the list of languages (wow, am I the first :smile: ? ).

How can I add Kyrgyz language?

It seems I can’t finish registration unless I select some language…

Chicken-and-egg loop…

By the chance, is this question to be addressed to Transifex?

(Gerhard Schlager) #2

You need to request that language.

(Tenzan) #3

For some reason, it’s spelling is not correct Kirgyz, this is why it did’t hit in the search.

(Gerhard Schlager) #4

Well, I guess they took the name from ISO 639-2. It states that both “Kirghiz” and “Kyrgyz” are the English names of the language. I found it because I was looking for the ISO 639-2 language code which is kir. :wink:

(Tenzan) #5

As you see, Kirgyz is not correct. :smile:

Kirgyz != Kirghiz


Kirgyz != Kyrgyz