Lack of native subscription support

When I used discourse it was absolutely amazing, everything just worked. And since it’s free I didn’t have to worry about finding cracked versions of plugins! And since everything is done through docker it’s a snap to setup, unlike other forum softwares. Really sad that I have to move away from it, the lack of native subscription support and only 1 real subscription plugin made it unsuitable for my needs.

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I’d be interested to hear what your definition of native subscription plugin looks like. The Stripe plugin we have (plus Patreon and Memberful integration) are about as close as we can get to what I’d call native subscription, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.


So because it is free you don’t have to steal stuff? Way to sour a message!

Developers need to put food on the table!

Plugins take a lot of effort to build and maintain. Most of the busy developers in the ecosystem already put a lot of effort into free plugins and components.

tbh, this is not sustainable and there will emerge a paid tier of plugins at some stage. Without that 3rd party developers will probably disappear from the scene and the result will be the ecosystem will become a lot less diverse.