Landing page with faded background

I’m trying to achieve something similar like Nomad Forum does, where

  • Individual threads can still be viewed when accessed directly via the URL (e.g. linked on another site) or via Google Search Results
  • When going to the root page it shows a LOGIN and JOIN button with the background visible, but faded (see screenshot below)
  • JOIN redirects to an off-discourse landing page

I just signed-up for the paid hosted solution. The changed I’d like to do are they even possible or would I need to use a self-hosted solution and fiddle with the code?


or perhaps (the currently broken)

should do the trick, though this is generally considered a pretty bad practice.


I use ‘carrot’ rather than ‘stick’ and do the following:

  • include a guide to the different Categories in the Welcome message which is pinned and linked in a permanent header.
  • make a selection of the interesting categories accessible only by members

This encourages people to join whilst using almost completely out of the box functionality and zero plugins.


Note that they no longer do this… Digital Nomad Forum … so maybe you shouldn’t either :thinking: