Landing page with faded background


I’m trying to achieve something similar like Nomad Forum does, where

  • Individual threads can still be viewed when accessed directly via the URL (e.g. linked on another site) or via Google Search Results
  • When going to the root page it shows a LOGIN and JOIN button with the background visible, but faded (see screenshot below)
  • JOIN redirects to an off-discourse landing page

I just signed-up for the paid hosted solution. The changed I’d like to do are they even possible or would I need to use a self-hosted solution and fiddle with the code?

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or perhaps (the currently broken)

should do the trick, though this is generally considered a pretty bad practice.


I use ‘carrot’ rather than ‘stick’ and do the following:

  • include a guide to the different Categories in the Welcome message which is pinned and linked in a permanent header.
  • make a selection of the interesting categories accessible only by members

This encourages people to join whilst using almost completely out of the box functionality and zero plugins.

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Note that they no longer do this… Digital Nomad Forum … so maybe you shouldn’t either :thinking: