Large Time Gap Indicator disappears on delete

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So first spotted over on:

A spam post caused the time gap banner, was replied to and then deleted. This causes the time gap indicator to not show up.

here is an image of the issue:

and one explaining what our @Weng was responding to:

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For clarification for those who are wondering, that second image is from a mod+ account with the deleted post(+account) expanded. TL4 and under wouldn’t normally have access to such posts.

Edit: Oh - and the following CSS in Stylish if they're wondering about the weird date format on them. > span.relative-date:after {
    content: " [" attr(title) "]";


Maybe victim of this?

(Robin Ward) #4

This is quite tricky to fix. The current logic is based on sequential posts being shown. When I didn’t care about that, filtering posts would show the gaps between them and people found that confusing. However ensuring sequential posts while taking into account deleted is also hard.

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Wouldn’t that also lead to something like there being N posts before a necro which replies to N-4 being missed or am I misunderstanding the gap logic? Would there be a way to tell if a filter was applied and in that case not include the gap markers?

(Jeff Atwood) #6

I thought about that, but you actually want the gap markers on the unfiltered posts.

Not sure about the algorithm, but if it could handle the not-staff case correctly that’d be good. Because for regular users, they can’t even see the deleted posts!

(PJH) #7

The indicator isn’t there for people who can see the deleted posts though…

(That said, deleted posts aren’t initially displayed - only a placeholder indicating how many deleted posts it’s a placeholder for.)

(Alan Tan) #8

I was looking into a fix for this bug and Missing "x months ago" between posts when post numbers are not continuous.

I think we can just check whether the post-stream has the summary filter applied and remove the sequential logic all together? Is there something I am missing?

(Kane York) #9

There are more filters available I think:

  • Normal User (do not include deleted in the stream)
  • Staff User (collapse deleted posts)
  • Show Deleted Posts (staff only)
  • Summary
  • Username Filters

The top 3 want the time gaps, and the bottom 2 don’t.

(Alan Tan) #10

Hmm we could still check for the filters that we don’t want time gaps. I think time-gaps based on sequential post_number doesn’t work well here since users have the ability to move/delete posts which happens quite often.

(Alan Tan) #11

Submitted a PR

Missing "x months ago" between posts when post numbers are not continuous
(Sam Saffron) #12

Merged in :slight_smile: closing

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