Last couple updates consuming more memory


(Rick M) #1

The last few updates have resulted in more memory use than the previous ones. My instance is tiny (on Digital Ocean), but there are only a couple of users and a handful of topics. No new topics are being created.

I had a memory monitor set to 75% of available memory. A couple updates ago, that started being exceeded regularly. I changed it to 85%, and that stopped the warnings, but the most recent update (v1.9.0.beta9 +29) is now exceeding that limit.

I’m trying b10 now.

(Felix Freiberger) #2

So how much memory are we talking about?

Discourse has required 1​ GB RAM to work reasonably efficiently plus 2​ GB swap space for rebuilds and updates for quite some time now.

(Rick M) #3

I’m running 512 MB. It’s been adequate for months. Didn’t realize it needed 1 GB. Pity.

(Felix Freiberger) #4

Well, as far as I recall, the current state of affairs is: With 512​ MB, for a very small instance, things will probably be okay as long as you have enough swap available (at least 2.5​ GB, I’d say). You’re creeping into unsupported territory, but it’ll most likely work.

What you’re saying doesn’t really contradict that, and given that swap is required in this situation, I’m not surprised that your physical RAM gets full. It should be – why waste RAM by moving data to slow swap space when there is no memory pressure yet?