Last Emailed field showing blanks (using Google OA)

(Nik) #1

Alright not sure if bug or feature.

Have users using google oauth2/authentication, when I check the admin/users dashboard in the backend the column that states last emailed is showing blanks although a valid email address is showing for the Google user.

Are they getting email updates? Or is it a dashboard glitch?


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Did you check admin, email, logs to see if they got any emails yet? Discourse won’t generally email a user until they 1) are offline and 2) someone replies to their post, quotes their post, or mentions their @name .

Alternately if they are offline for a week or more, they will get a digest email.

There is also no need for a verification email as through Google signup we know their email is valid without having to mail them a magic GUID to click.

(Nik) #3

I checked - no emails, but quite a collection of unusual errors so let me check those first, could be related.