"Latest" Categories Views - No Topics Displayed

(Rob Meade) #1

I noticed this last night but it is also the same today.

Browsing using Chrome on Samsung S6;


Any thoughts?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

Same things here on Meta. Possibly related to

(Viet Hoang) #3

I’ve noticed the same thing as well. Anyway to revert back?

(Rob Meade) #4

Just wondering if this was the actual intended result or just a blip. If the latter I’m sure ot will get sorted fairly soon but if it is intended, can we have an option in the settings or something to choose?


(Viet Hoang) #5

To illustrate what we are talking about here is the view before the update (screenshot of BoingBoing’s Discourse). Note the listing of the three recent topics in each category.

(Steve Combs) #6

Each category has a Subcategory List Style that includes options for showing featured topics (or not).

The mobile change was just to fix the mobile view so it properly matches the desktop view

So just need to check your settings?.

(Rob Meade) #7

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply. So I need to re-enable something on a per sub-category level? I couldn’t see anything unser the main admin options. Add the esit link doesn’t work on mobile to edit the categories.

Will have to try from desktop machine in a while.

Thanks again for the reply.

(Viet Hoang) #8

I’ve checked the subcategory list style under Edit for a category and our value hasn’t changed from the default value of 3 for Number of topics shown on the categories page: per our settings below:

From scanning our logs there isn’t indication any of our admins changed any settings in relation to categories and sub categories.

I do know our Discourse board was displaying the latest three topic entries per category under the Category page, but until yesterday has stopped doing so. Is there a way to check the current version of Discourse on hosted boards? A quick Google tells me the information is present on the admin page, but I am not seeing it.

Is there a particular setting I have missed and if so can you specifically point it out to us?

Edit: To answer the find out the version question, the board version can be found when viewing the source in a <meta> tag. Looks like our board is on 1.8.0-beta8 up to commit 747f481. BoingBoing, which has the working topic list in category view is using 1.8.0-beta8 up to commit da7a440. If a code change is involved with our issue, its a change somewhere between those two commits.

(Steve Combs) #9

@viethoang Baded

Based on you screen shot, looks like you need to check the box for

Show subcategory list above topics in this category

And pick an option for how to display subcategories.

The setting is on the category (not subcategory) level

(Viet Hoang) #10

I believe there may be some confusion.

What Show subcategory list above topics in this category does it list the children categories above the topics within the parent category.

It turns the active category view from this:

into this:

The issue I am (and I think the OP is also) experiencing is under the generic Categories view (for Meta’s context, it would be Categories - Discourse Meta), the board no longer lists a subset of the latest topics for each parent category under mobile, as illustrated in the previous posts.

(Neil Lalonde) #11

I’ll revert the mobile support and figure out why it stopped listing latest topics later. Seems to only affect the “categories and latest topics” setting. (not the categories only and categories with featured topics)

(Rob Meade) #12

Thank you @neil, appreciated :slight_smile:

(Viet Hoang) #13

Thanks @neil. The latest topics are now showing up on our board after the reversion.

(Neil Lalonde) #14

I put back the mobile support for sub-category styles, with a fix to ensure the categories page isn’t affected this time. Should be deployed to our hosted customers soon, so let me know if something is still wonky.

(Rob Meade) #15

Thanks @neil, really appreciated :slight_smile: