Latest News Pics and Some weird Bug

(Shawn) #1

Hi Everyone,

We recently took over a discourse install from a client - we moved servers, etc.

First issue was fine for the last month. Whenever we click on “Backup” in admin - it just turns the page dark and does nothing. It was working before. I went ahead and upgraded to the latest version and to no avail. I have been unable to find any docs saying what is going on. I also went ahead and reran the build.

Second - the “New Post” notifications that go out are missing their pictures. Even the logo picture. In the normal weekly emails the logo picture is there. Is there a way to look at where these are set? I have been unable to find anything as of yet. I did have the link to where it was trying to get them from - some long number/letter combination but did not find a single file there.

Really appreciate the direction…

(Régis Hanol) #2

Do you have any non-default plugins installed?

When you click on Backup in admin, are there any errors in the console of your browser?

(Shawn) #3

No. Only default plugins. Also no error. The screen turns dark like the popup is coming but does not come. Tried multiple browsers also.

(Shawn) #4

So when I try and backup - the screen flickers and stays greyed out. See pic.

With the emails - we get the weekly emails with all pics. With the “latest news” emails - that come out on every post - the pics are missing. I tracked the location they are referring to (upload/some long string) and the location is there but it is empty on the server.

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

How much memory do you have?

(Shawn) #6

1024MB Memory, 30GB SSD Hard Drive, 1 CPU - Ubuntu 1404 on Godaddy Cloud Server.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

I don’t think the kernel is compatible with Docker on Godaddy, perhaps @pfaffman can recollect specifics.

(Shawn) #8

Ok. The backup was working fine until recently and before upgrade. The weekly emails go out fine just not the one for new posts. Rest works like a charm.