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We were following this with much interest…

Is there any sight of this plugin coming out?

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We are currently testing this on our dev instance, @udan11 has a draft RFC we plan to publish very soon so we can get public comments regarding the protocols and techniques we used


oh god I need this for one of our boards!

Sam, is there any chance you’ll consider expanding this to a category after PM implementation is complete?

This would solve my problem for internal organization (team) usage site.

There’s one category by my organization that I shouldn’t see into even as the admin. I know others have said the feature to hide contents from an admin for certain use cases would be useful as well.

If there was a category that members of must use a shared key to access, I would still see the category so I could properly administer the board but not read what is a private work group.

Pretty please tell me you would add that to the list. :wink:

Could they use group PMs instead of a category?

They could but we are transitioning to this board so we leave our non private discussions for posterity. And it’d be useful to have the features of the category for archival even though it’s for that small working group.

Basically we are elected labor reps. (Union).
We come and go, and the more turnover the less experience and historical information survives. This board remedies the conversation archival needs we have for future reps to read into if they need.

But I won’t admin this forever, and we need a way to keep our executive work group private. It’s not that “you can’t trust the admin” factor, it’s the admin just shouldn’t be able to read the topics there because there is NO need for topic moderation in an internal board like this. The admin role is mainly to maintain the site as needed.

Well, if you create a special @group for this group of people, then managing group PM inbox is very similar to having a private category, you can add/remove people as needed and no conversation will be lost.


True. Good idea. Still would like encrypted categories, but this can work in lieu

I’ve been using it on a test server for a little. And it’s very light on UI currently and needs use refinement and independent testing, but so far it’s a nice implementation that seems to run well on client and not have much overhead. The git isn’t that “old” yet so it’s very well implemented for such an “early” version.
I’m at least three and a half thumbs up (out of two) for the work done so far!


It’s still at the RFC stage. Very early days indeed.


Are there any news on this? Still it would be a highly appreciated to have an extension like this. Otherwise there are so many concerns left regarding the GDPR requirements.
At least the setting “Log personal message views by Admin for other users/groups” is very helpful, but does not suffice in regards of privacy…


We use it heavily internally, so the plugin is getting more and more mature!