Latest topic show lower

I have made an extra row in the header.
Now the latest topic isn’t correctly shown, where can i fix this ?

When i click on a topic on the frontpage this happens:

Try increasing the padding-top on #main-outlet by adding something like this to your CSS

#main-outlet {
  padding-top: 9em;

it is not the #main-outlet but the latest post what is wrong

The page content is contained in #main-outlet. If you add a padding-top, it should move the whole content down (to compensate your extra row).

yes that’s correct. But the main-outlet is correct. it is only the last post that’s to high when you click on the title link on the frontpage or category page.

is there a class that is specialy for the latest post ?

please look at this video:

Yes, this should work

.topic-post:last-of-type {
  // Your styles here

ok but that only lowers the last post from the previous post. is there a way top have the latest post have an top-padding to my top-navbar ?