Latest topics not viewing correctly on desktop

(mattdamod) #1

Need some serious help, please.

I have been adding some images to the topics on my forum, to act as the title. I have added the following code to remove the titles and sub-categories

.category-list { .category { .category-name, i { display: none; } } .subcategories { display: none; } }

The trouble I’m having is this… The topics within the category are ‘bunching up’ and look weird!

You can see it live here… Give us your feedback - The Stonewater Customer hubb

Also, on my mobile site, some of my categories are missing. This only happens on mobile. The same link above opens with ‘repairs’ as the first topic fine on a desktop, on mobile though, it’s missing. This is true of some other categories… only some, not all.

Could really do with some help!

Thanks, guys!

(Daniela) #2

For the first issue try this:

.has-logo div:first-child {
    float: none;
.topic-statuses .topic-status {
    float: left;

It seems to work pretty well

(mattdamod) #3

Thank you!

Excuse my ignorance… but WHAAA!!! How did you, you know… do that to my site? :sweat_smile:

(mattdamod) #4

Just added it… works a treat! Thanks so much…

Now, if only I can get the missing categories to come back. Any ideas?

(Daniela) #5

With browser inspector.

Try this link on mobile The Stonewater Customer hubb (disable all) to see if the missing categories appears.
If you see the missing categories probably you have problems with a plugin.

And can you check and see if there are errors?