Latest update is not showing topics, Handlebars error

(Brahn) #1

I just applied a docker update and there seems to be a problem somewhere in the last 30 or so commits (sorry, can’t narrow it down more precisely than that). The app seems to be working fine everywhere except when trying to view a topic.

Console error:

Uncaught Error: <Ember._HandlebarsBoundView:ember1873> Handlebars error: Could not find property 'topicStatus' on object <Discourse.TopicController:ember1716>.

Oh, v0.9.9.6 to with latest commit a4de1f2 in case that helps.

(Robin Ward) #2

Do you have a plugin that references topicStatus in a handlebars template? It should be updated to be topic-status and that should fix it.

(Brahn) #3

Ah, I didn’t even think to check that. Yes, it was in the Adsense plugin. I have reported it to their issue tracker [Bug] topicStatus needs to be changed to topic-status · Issue #4 · discoursehosting/discourse-adsense · GitHub

Thanks for your help, I will make sure to test without plugins next time!

(Robin Ward) #4

No problem. I’m going to try and put in more deprecation notices as things change. And of course in the future we will be able to avoid being so strongly tied to our template names using the plugin-outlet.

(Robin Ward) #5