Latest Version: Caused "Un-Categorized" Appears In Homepage Navigation

I noticed that the “Un-Categorized” category appeared in my homepage navigation after updating to the latest version of Discourse last night. Is there a reason for this? While I was able to suppress it from the homepage before, I can no longer find the option and am not sure if it was taken away. Any support would be appreciated.

What is your homepage set as? If it isn’t latest, then you have to use CSS to hide it, if it is Latest, it should work.

Also read Unexpected interaction between "suppress category on homepage" and "user preference for homepage"


Thanks !

Are you asking what I have set to show up in my “Top Menu”? I have set to show “Categories” followed by “Latest”. I have not changed this since way back when I started using Discourse and yet the “Uncategorized” category now shows up. I appreciate the link. It clarified things but this update that was made to only suppress from the “Latest” has made things more difficult than necessary:

What about users who want to suppress categories from the entire homepage (both Latest and Categories). Is it really more common that users would want to only suppress from Latest?

You would use CSS. If you have a link to your site, I can help you figure out the CSS to do it.

You simply have to view source, find the “data-category-id” attribute for Uncategorized, and update the following CSS

table.category-list tr[data-category-id="17"] { display: none; }
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