Latest vs. Categories on landing...which is better?

(Jeremy Kossen) #1

I’ve noticed that most of the Discourse sites use the default with latest posts showing up upon landing. I’d like to know what people think…as far as Latest vs. Categories. Using Discourse for a consumer facing forum, to me it seems like Categories makes more sense. People come to our discussion page, and want to see which Category (or forum) that they want to participate in…what’s the rationale/benefit for Latest? Most obviously, it shows activity, but I wonder if we’re using this as truly consumer-facing target several different personas, does it make more sense to have people see all the categories or all of the Latest posts?

Thoughts? Opinions?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

For lower activity sites there is no question that latest is better.

Only for very high volume sites, or very segregated by category (Israel vs. Palestine) sites, should categories page be the default.

(Jeremy Kossen) #3

That makes sense…what I envision is that that would change…as we build out the community and have a larger member (user) base, we’d convert over to categories. However, at the same time…given what our goals are…we have a platform and are building a community that is geared towards half a dozen personas that are disparate, will they be turned off seeing everything? For example, we have moms, dads, reformers, attorneys, etc. Will the mom who sees the father’s forum post be turned off? This is consumer facing…not technologist facing.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Advice is the same as it always is: try it and see what happens. Listen to your community and adjust as you go based on what actually happens rather than what we guess might happen.

(Jeremy Kossen) #5

Ok, makes sense…we’ll run some tests and see what the preference is. We’re doing a private beta and testing anyway, so we can get a good gauge. From what I’ve seen thus far is that most Discourse sites are geared to developers…whereas, we’re using discourse for our consumer-facing interface. Which they’d respond to more favorably, I don’t know, but we’ll test both and report back. Thanks for the feedback! Definitely appreciate it.