Launching Chinese Discourse Meta / Discourse 中文社群

(Erick Guan) #1

It’s quite exciting to watch Discourse growing with an ambitious goal - build forum software for the next decade. To me, online communication is a great deal to my childhood, for the others’ thoughts and enthusiasm. I believe online forum must be more helpful for many guys in this world.

We launched the Discourse with many language and keep evolving that. As a open source program, and as an ambitious one, building a globalized community is exciting to me.

So here we go. I am announcing a Chinese Discourse Meta now. You can visit and its meta.

I have already translated some guides and the official landing page there. As a localized community, I am going to work on with some problem related to the China, especially the fucking Internet problem and localization. What’s more, I think it would be a great chance to introduce our great work to people want to be awesome who really care about the online forum.

Thanks for everyone’s helping along the way! Sincerely.

Discourse 中文社群将是一个本地化的论坛,独立于官方论坛。将主要关注文档、Bug 处理、开发、翻译和支持帮助。欢迎访问 :whale2:


(Régis Hanol) #2

Mind explaining what that problem is? Just being curious.

(Erick Guan) #3
  1. GFW. gem and bundler can’t find a way out of this wall. Have to use the mirror by taobao.
  2. GFW. Have to use http proxy to talk with google server if you want google oauth2 works.
  3. Mail service. Tencent mail(qq mail) is the biggest mail provider, they suck about spam, so they block mailgun and mandrill server IP as a defense strategy.
  4. Cloud provider. AWS is going to launch its separate service in China due to PRC law. Other cloud providers is not that mature. Have to offer some guides.
  5. CDN & storage services. Many choices, have to write custom things for them.
  6. Search engine. Baidu is famous for its bidding rank. Since it leads the marketing, have to find a way to know how the text is crawled. And there are other search engines…