Layout of display of topics

Is there a setting that will allow us to revert to the previous layout of the display of topics i.e. a single line, By that I mean such that the category is not displayed under the topic title but in the same line as it used to be.

Perhaps you should look at this topic:

This component does what you want, if I understand correctly.


Thanks, I will follow this up.

Just to add that this has been successfully implemented - many of our group members did not like the change because it limited the number of topics visible in one screen reducing that by 50%. Some with limited visibility or reduced mobility found it difficult to select the topic rather than the category.

It would be useful if the developer team always created a “maintain/revert to previous” option or settings before making a major layout change.

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Is there something I can add to this theme to make avatars square. You have no idea how our people dislike round.

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You can just override the css. Currently:

img.avatar  {
    border-radius: 50%;

Is rounding the corners. Change it to:

img.avatar {
    border-radius: unset;

Great thanks, implemented and sorted.
I am an old mainframe man from cobol and fortran days so I struggle a bit to keep apace of the current technology.

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Is unset the correct syntax here? I typically put 0 there.

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Hm you might be right, I relied on the chrome inspector autocomplete. This wouldn’t be the first time it was my undoing.