Let's discuss if tag should be enabled on Mobile

I think tag should not be missed on mobile screen. This make discourse less perfect. However, It’s so important for the forums that some or all main categories have the same sub-categories. Let’s discuss about this :slight_smile:

I disagree. Tags are useful especially on mobile. If I see an interesting tag I open the topic even on mobile and for all the other topics I open them more conveniently from the desktop.

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I mean now Tag ui on mobile leaves no room for topics body. Too many my visitors post their topic through mobile, but they can’t use tag :slightly_smiling:9

Hmmm, not seeing tags here on meta on mobile and the tagging plugin is enabled. Try it yourself

Are you running latest tagging plugin and latest source?

I don’t have a Mobile device so I had no idea.

That is pretty close to reducing the size of the textarea to a slightly larger text input.

If possible to do, do you think “accordians” would work or only add complexity and confusion?

Hmm, Sam’s screen capture looks fine.

Never knew there is a tagging plugin and we can enable tags… Will try it as soon as my site is up. I think it is a good idea to enable tags on Mobile… But it occupies significant amount of screen space too - so someone creating his first ever topic in the forum finds it like “too many things to fill up”… it should be something optional or greyed out kind…

If you talk about UI as you explained in later posts I withdraw my objection, especially because in 3 years I’ve never created a topic from mobile, but I only read and answered.

I’d like to be able to add/edit tags on mobile devices:

I had complaints from users in my community, as we ask them to tag some topics in specific ways. Those using mobile devices were prevented from doing so.

This probably requires changing the new/edit UI as follows: One page with title, category, tags (and whatever else); a second page to edit the body; buttons to move between the two pages.

(At least that’s my first design approach. They’re rarely any good, though :slight_smile: )

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Any movement or interest from the @team on allowing users to add tags on mobile?

Definitely would like to see more tag support on mobile.

Current workaround is

  • create topic
  • edit title
  • add tag