Letter avatars not downloaded if discourse is behind a proxy

(Thomas VAILLIER) #1


I just installed a new discourse server in my company. I configured the server and the app to use a http proxy.
Everything works fine, but when a letter avatar URL is requested (like this one http://myserver.local/letter_avatar_proxy/v2/letter/d/b3f665/25.png) the request fails with a 504.
From what I understand, discourse has an internal proxy to reroute these requests to your centralized avatar service. I think this is part ignoring the http configuration set in /var/discourse/containers/app.yml.

Am I missing something ?

Thanks for your help

(Dean Taylor) #2

You probably want to change the “external system avatars enabled” setting:

(Thomas VAILLIER) #3

I unchecked the option and it works, fantastic !

Thank you very much :slight_smile: