Libelous quote-to-reply

(Philip Durbin) #1

Continuing the discussion from Select-to-quote Weirdness:

I can’t decide if this is a bug or a feature. :slight_smile:

(Brad Westness) #2

That’s how it works in most forum systems, the quote functionality is implemented as a shortcode that you can edit within your reply, allowing you to only quote a selected portion of the original post.

If quoting automatically made your post a reply it would alleviate the potential for libel somewhat as you could click the little “in reply to…” indicator and see the actual text of the quoted post. However, that would prevent you from, say, including snippets of several different posts in your reply.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

I don’t recall… saying that :smile:

But I think this ultimately isn’t any different than any other post that attacks another user… and would fall under the category “flag because it violates the community behavior guidelines” ala 301 Moved Permanently

p.s. my butt doesn’t smell that bad. It’s pretty nice actually if I do say so myself.

(Philip Durbin) #4

Click the heart, I guess, if you knew this quote already.

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(Norman King) #5

This is the way it used to be on BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) it would quote text from another message and the logged in user could modify that text. It lead to some strange or funny exchanges.

[quote=“Bart Simpson”] Don’t have a cow man!

You can even quote fictional characters using the markup language, even if they don’t have a user ID here.

Expanding quote that doesn't exist silently fails
(Bill Ayakatubby) #6

I can’t, I’ve run out of hearts.

Yes, I’m proving a point. This post is all noise, no signal.

(James R Grinter) #7

Xanadu’s approach of “transclusions” would be an answer to that.

But tricky to get right (not to mention, when the quoter wants to “trim the fat” of what they’re quoting. Obviously you can easily mis-represent quotes - the theatrical and movie world is a good example of that - but being able to instantly see the original would be a solution.)

EDIT: and I see there’s been more discussion - and detail on what is already possible - here:

(Sam Saffron) #8

Yeah, me too.

(Philip Durbin) #9

I think @sam might be trying to re-enage me in this conversation. I never said “I love this feature” and if you click the text will expand to show what I really wrote.

I get that other forum software lets you play mis-quoting games like this but…

(Tony Austin) #10

Guys, keep it to yourselves, please! This is neither the time nor the place.

(Sam Saffron) #11

More seriously, if we notice a pattern of abuse we will tighten this right up. For the time being we can trust the community to flag abuse and deal with the bad seeds as needed.

(Jeff Atwood) #12

Note that I edited your post @norman_king . We just changed it so that using arbitrary unknown and incorrectly formatted usernames in the [quote] do not attempt to render the avatar, at least, so things like:

[quote="Bart Simpson"]

Work a lot more sanely now and don’t produce broken looking posts any more.

(Hoist) #13

Somehow making it so that the quote functionality makes the quoted text uneditable doesn’t really solve the problem of fake quotes as you can just as easily not use the quote functionality and do it the old fashioned way ie.
@pdurbin said:
“I can’t decide if this is an insect or femur.”

(Kane York) #14

danbanan said:

This is not a real [quote] block. But it sure looks like one, eh?

><img src='//'> danbanan said:
>This is not a real [quote] block. But it sure looks like one, eh?

(Hoist) #16

:smiley: yes even better of course.

IMO the purpose of the quote functionality would be to facilitate easy quoting and to make a post using quotes be more readable/scannable, not to guarantee that the quote represents what has been said.

(Robin Ward) #18

We’ve made a small improvement to this.

If you quote a user and change the contents of what they said like I’ve just done above, a new CSS class quote-modified will be applied. You can use this to style occurrences of this in your forum if you like.

(Jeff Atwood) #20

Looks like it works:

<aside class="quote group-team quote-modified" data-post="12" data-topic="724">
<div class="title" style="cursor: pointer;">