Likes column gone


Continuing the discussion from Simplifying the right side of the topic list:

The likes column seems to have gone away in a non-CSS way.

(cpradio) #2

That was intentional.


I don’t get it. How does a mysterious heatmap replace the column?


Heat map? Am I missing something? I just see the absence of the likes column…

(cpradio) #5

You’ll have to read that thread (go up roughly 5 posts from where I linked you and it might explain it).


Ah, I see now, the numbers are coloured. I guess red = lots of likes.

(cpradio) #7


I think the heatmap might be fine if there was any way to understand what it meant besides wading through that thread. But it still doesn’t justify removing the entire column.

(PJH) #9

Out of interest (since I can’t seem to find it) is that the only indication of popularity/likes within a thread without having to visit the thread in the first place?


No, red means “roughly as many likes as posts”. Orange means “at least twice as many likes as posts”. Intuitive, eh?


That’s the opposite of what I expected :frowning:


I expect heatmaps in discourse to be backwards. Like making old / stale topic show up in blue to tempt you to click on them, opposite of @codinghorror’s intention.

(cpradio) #13

I’m really not the one to ask, as I personally haven’t read the thread I linked to thoroughly (just skimmed it to get an idea of what they were doing). Personally, I don’t care for it.

However, I believe you are correct, you can’t see how many likes a topic has without visiting it now (at least I haven’t found a way).


Design bugs are bugs, too.

(cpradio) #15

I guess my point was, you could continue the discussion in the UX thread. As they removed it intentionally and the discussion is still on-going.

Granted, I didn’t make that clear, so that part is my fault :wink:

(Robin Ward) #16

Please discuss this in the topic that discusses the feature. Closing as duplicate.