Limit categories appearing in main categories view


I’m working on a project in in which there will be a ton of categories, but I only want categories that users follow to show up in categories/latest view for them, while maintaining the ability of the users to view those categories when linked directly.

ie. User gets cat 1 and cat 2 in their latest/categories, but can only see cat 3 if they follow a direct link. User 2 sees cat 2, but can only see cat 1 and cat 3 if they follow a direct link. etc

The way I see it, I need to either modify the existing subscribe ability, or add a new one, and then modify the categories/latest

Just looking for general advice for the best approach to this problem via a plugin or dirty hacky antics before I dive in.

Thanks friends

(cpradio) #2

I think this is on the roadmap already for 1.4, it technically exists as you can use latest-cat1 in your navigation site setting, but they wanted to make it more user friendly.

Move suppress category from homepage into category settings


True, but this I think only removes the posts from the latest category, not from the view right? Or is the future feature planning on tackling both realms?

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Oh, that is true, so this would be one step further.

Have you thought about using tabs instead of those extra categories that you don’t want visible?

(cpradio) #5

Sweet! You can do this in CSS, I just did the following using Google Dev Tools here on Meta to hide the Features category from view

tr[data-category_id="2"] { display: none; }

Replace “2” with the category_id you wish to hide


Ok that is a really simple solution, and I can just conditionally load the css based on the user. I’m so glad I asked here.

Now all I have to do is worry about the Latest category (per user)

Thank you!