Limit upgrades to next version only?

(Toby Nieboer) #1

Is there a way I’m not seeing to limit upgrades only to the next point release? Example:

Because domain/admin/upgrade upgrades all the way to the latest commit…

…I am currently on beta 9 + 166.

As best I can tell, in order to just be sitting on beta 9, I’d have to have performed my upgrade in the window of time between the last commit of beta 9 and the first commit thereafter. I’d rather just be on a point release and upgrade direct to the next point release (and only that far) when it’s out. Am I missing a way to do that?

I’m on the tests-passed branch as per Change tracking branch for your Discourse instance.

(Robin Ward) #2

You should change that branch to stable if you only want to receive stable updates. You could also use beta if you want slighly more frequent releases (beta point releases)

(Toby Nieboer) #3

Aha! Thanks, beta looks like what I’m after.

(Kane York) #4

Reminder that the safe time to switch is right after a new beta is released, but before you upgrade past it.

(Going backwards to beta is on the wishlist.)

(Sam Saffron) #5

not really, we are unlikely to ever support this.