Link to creating a custom local translation creation: 1,2,3

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I would appreciate if anyone could link to the most recent and correct description of the best way to create a local translation file for a Docker based Discourse installation.

I need this to customize many captions to my specific audience, which is Ukrainian goat farmers facility. A good example is that they do not understand “Categories”, but they all intuitively understand “Sections”. And then there are many fixes like this.



So you are asking for targeted overrides for certain text blocks?

I have a feeling this may be a difficult at this particular point in time. The V1 release is around the corner and I think they (the designers/developers) are in polishing mode to make a good impression.

Also there was another post here:

Maybe there is something down this route that can help you?

Otherwise hang in there and see if you can manage certain contextual weirdness using good communication with your user base.

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So can anyone help with this by writing a step-by-step instructions list?

I’m afraid it may take very long before it becomes available in the admin panel, and I’m not a ruby developer to do it, unfortunately.

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There is some confusion here.
My request is about using my own locale file.


Probably. I’m going to delete my response because I might be making things more confusing than they need to be on this point.


@meglio Have you found out the solution?

I totally agree with your idea: Discourse Meta

Of course I want to improve & commit to the translation, but it seems that translators have different views on specific words.

Moreover, it takes time to wait for Discourse repository update translations… (Am I right?)

It would be better to upload and select my custom locale files in admin panel.

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There is no solution yet, unfortunately. For the client side, i’m redefining translations in custom JS, right on page load. For the future, it has been said that it’s in the team’s todo plan, but not a priority.

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(Sam Saffron) #10

@eviltrout is it worth having a quick note here about the pattern we use now for overriding locales en-mass

(Gerhard Schlager) #11

There are multiple options to overriding locales. The easiest one is to do it in Admin -> Customize -> Text Content. But there’s also the possibility to do it with a plugin where you can customize the locale files with the tools you know and like.