Link to sign up and sign in?


what’s the default link for users to sign up and sign in?

Stand alone signup form/link?
(Kane York) #2

Well, you can direct them to /login, but a blank page isn’t very nice…

(Jeff Atwood) #3

The homepage is the correct link, with the Sign In button at the upper right. There is no “login page” in Discourse as of now.


If that’s the case I wonder how can I create a “sign up link” and “create an account link” where user can click to sign up and create an account

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Discourse already has this function built in, with the Sign In and Sign In to Reply buttons on every page.


it’s all good that is on every page. However I just wish I can say register an account for free here or sign up here and provide the links that they can access immediately instead of signing up on the top hand right corner sign in button

(Anton) #7

I simple test with a few users who have seen our website for the very first time still say they cannot find any Register or Sign Up button, and this confuses them.

I think there are 2 solutions here:

  1. Allow for the second button for Sign Up.

  2. Allow to customize Login button text - then I’d rename it to “Login or Sign Up” - but that will only work when we eventually allow for administrators to replace translations.

Could you please advise on the right way to add that Sign Up button as a work-around for now?
Or could we make it an optional button near the Login buton, hidden by default?

(Jeff Atwood) #8

There is no easy way to replace a single string right now, but there should be eventually.

We have thousands of Discourse installations with users signing up regularly, so I doubt this is a serious barrier for most users. Otherwise all known Discourse instances would be empty.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Since this request comes up a fair bit, we’ll be making the following change.

Here is what we have now, a general “Sign In” button on all pages for anonymous users:

I realized that when the page is not scrolled down there is ample of room at the top so we can easily add a second button:

Sorry, Sign In, I liked you but we can’t have Sign Up and Sign In next to each other.

These buttons link directly to the respective pages:

  • Sign Up → Create New Account
  • Log In → Log In

So now it will be Sign Up and Log In, when the page is not scrolled down on a topic, and at all times on other pages when the header does not change. On the topic page when scrolled down it will again be Log In alone.

(Michael Downey) #10

No, but we could have RegisterSign In.


Thanks, it looks good, I mean the Register Sign In one…
will we get that?

(Jeff Atwood) #12

No, I think Register is a bit too complex and long of a word. I prefer the Wikipedia Simple English of “Sign Up” and “Log In”.

Longer term we do want to allow overrides of any text in the UI, but this turns out to be kind of a complex feature so it’ll take a while to get to.

(Michael Downey) #13

Join” has 3 fewer characters. Factored over every Discourse instance, just think how many MB of data per day it’d save! :wink:

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #14

So, this topic never go answered, and I’m wanting to send an email with a link to Sign Up directly.

Is there a route/path/URL etc that I can send to user which will start their signup process?

Much like the URL which will auto-start the reset process?

(Jeff Atwood) #15

I forget the name of it, but it does exist. @neil do you remember?

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #16

Ah, well, that’s enough of a clue that I should go look:

That looks like it.

however… the routes need to be allowed

Login Popup doesn't work for private Discourse instance
(Charles Walter) #17

Glad to see this getting some attention. There are certainly cases where I’d like to provide an additional call-to-action to register. Is there no way to add a link on the site referencing a JS function?

(Kane York) #18

You mean… like this?

I took this screenshot by opening a private browsing window and viewing topics for a couple of minutes.

(Charles Walter) #19

Precisely :). I just want to do more of it. I’m assuming there’s a way that I put something in a global footer that it could activate the popup? onclick="?". Would be especially useful if I can wrap it in some JS that would conditionally check if the user is logged in or not.


I am not sure with what is meant by “However the roots need to be allowed”. Frankly I wonder why it woukd be so diificult to provide us with a direct link to the login page. For example I link Discourse with Wordpress but do not want to use the Wordpress registered users (disabled most to avoid hacking) and would like to have users sign up with Discourse via the Wordpress site… A simple link would be therefore extremely helpful. Thanks