Link to user profile from the "Need Review" page 2.3.0.beta6

(Kyle Risi) #1

Love the new review page, thank you!!, this makes it so much easier to manage new member requests as they come in.

It would however be very handy if there was a direct link from this page to the users profile. As a business we need to ensure that our members are actual customers and such we ask that they submit their customer number when signing up through a custom text field.

Having a direct link to the members profile allows us to review this customer text field.


(Jose C Gomez) #3

Likewise, we need to check several fields not just the email before we approve a user. A link to the user profile would be great, also the ability to show additional fields in this dashboard would be grand.


(Kyle Risi) #5

what fields would you like to see?


(Jose C Gomez) #6

User ID, Name, Email Address and we have some custom fields too that we would like to see there. It would make approving / rejecting much easier.


(Kyle Risi) #7

Yeah I agree with those and yes it would make it so much easier to manage,

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(Robin Ward) #8

I had a small amount of time to work on this today. I improved the display, and added a link to the admin page (if available - the review queue does not assume admin access.)

It doesn’t display the user fields yet, so if someone in this topic wants to make a PR that would be great.

Here’s a screenshot:


(Robin Ward) #9

I’ve now added the user fields to the reviewable user.


(Kyle Risi) #10

This is amazing, exactly what I was looking for, :grin:. How would we go about getting this in our implementation of discourse?


(Robin Ward) #11

Sorry for the late reply, but if you are one of our hosted customers you should have this fix already. If you aren’t, you can update your Discourse through the usual channels to receive it.