Linking similar topics to better topics

(Sebastienstettler) #1

Use case

user searches google for some information, opens a discourse forum topic link. this topic is not very fleshed out and another topic exists with more information, and is a better thread in general. it would be great if the user doesnt have to read the entire thread to find out a better one exists

visually im not sure how to display this but perhaps a little notification would work.

full benifit will only be acquired when the forum has a large user base.Continuing the discussion from Searching for existing topics before posting:

Continuing the discussion from Searching for existing topics before posting:

(Daniel Watkins) #2

Below at least some posts (301 Moved Permanently for example), you can see a list of links, sorted by most-clicked, which goes some of the way to doing this…

(Sebastienstettler) #3

o ye i saw that on other topics. it part of the way , but you still need to post something, where as i was thinking about doing the action behind the scenes

(Jeff Atwood) #4

This is already possible, just click the giant chevron to expand the topic map under the first post:

Note that the links are ordered by most clicked first. So the links at the top are the ones that got the most click love in that topic.

We had discussed having this panel expanded by default on larger topics.

(Sebastienstettler) #5

what was the result of the discussion. i think it would be good to have the it expanded by default in larger topics

(Jeff Atwood) #6

This is now expanded by default in long topics.