Linking to external image instead up cacheing images

(Henning) #1


I have a case where I have to include images in a post. No big deal to do.

My problem is that I want to fore discourese NOT to download the image and show the cached version, by include the external images in the post.

The reason is that these images are dynamicly generated at people must alway get the lates shown.

How to I do that?



(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #2

Does unchecking this setting in Admin do what you’re looking for?

download remote images to local Convert remote images to local images by downloading them; this prevents broken images.

If not, please provide some step by step actions which reproduce the undesired behavior?

(Henning) #3

That would disable all image-caching, but I’m only looking at a way to prevent it on specific images.

As the image I want to put in this post is dynamicly created - could be a fundrasing-gaige that is power be the backoffice-payment-system. There the caching is 100% unwanted, as your must always be shown the current amount of funds raised. Not the state at the tiime of topic-creation.

Does that make sense?


(Jeff Atwood) #4

I believe there is a setting that disallows certain domains from having images converted to local. Check your site settings.

disabled image download domains

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #5

Embedding it via an iframe is the only other idea I have.