Linking topics without quoting and link points to ip address instead of hostname

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Pl pardon my ignorance as am still getting up to speed on discourse, and we absolutely love discourse for our forum. I manage the community over at

I wanted to get help on two questions/ issues:

  1. Is it possible to link related topics to each other without having to quote one topic in the other? I tried reply as linked topic, but don’t want to quote the related topic/post in the new post.

I also tried doing, but this leaves a blank grey horizontal bar

[quote=", post:1, topic:243, full:true"] [/quote]

like the one below:

How do I link multiple topics to a topic (after they’ve been created)?. Any help is appreciated.

  1. When I reply as a linked topic and quote the initial topic, I see the linked topic. However, clicking on it opens the related topic with the IP address of my host ( instead of the domain name ( I confirmed that app.yml has the domain name as how do I fix this?

Thanks again!!

Admin @

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Simply place a hyperlink between the two topics in any reply and they will be linked. Quotes are not needed, URLs and links are.

Sounds like you have a bad configuration. Did you have the IP address as the name of the site in app.yml? If you changed that, did you rebuild the container?

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Thanks @codinghorror.

  • the linking works great by just placing the url of the related topic in any reply.
  • Yes, I set the initial app.yml DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME param to IP address and recently changed it to domain name and ran ./laucher rebuild app inside /var/discourse. The issue is now resolved.

You rock!!

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Ok, maybe I do not understand what is really meant by linked topics. I would like the links to the linked topics displayed right below the first post, just like what automatically happens when replying via new topics. What I want is e.g. this:

When I simply placed the hyperlink in the reply, it was not added to this section.

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That is what it will look like on the receiving end. On the sending end, it will look like a plain regular link in the body.

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Thanks for quick reply! :heart: In that case, I would like to report a bug or my own stupidity. :slight_smile:

On our forum instance, this does not appear to work i.e. when I mention a topic in a post, the link to the topic of that post does not appear in the mentioned topic (if I got your logic right :slight_smile: ) Are there any possible reasons for that? Do I need to enable it in the settings somewhere?

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Ok, did a quick test. It appears that one has to provide a full link i.e.

What I was originally doing is
This redirects to the full URL but does not link the topics, so it looks to me as a bug rather than a feature.

By the way, relative URLs also work, e.g. /t/topic_name/topic_id

EDIT: This also seems to work: /t/topic/topic_id where topic is not a variable in this case.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

This is not remotely in any way correct. You need a slug in there. Redirection is a “fix your broken link for you” feature. Try

Let’s see.

Yep works fine: