List of invites? (user to topic)

Is there a page where I can see which users I invited to which topics?

I don’t believe a page exists but you could use the Data Explorer to query topic_invites.


No access for normal users :confused:

This maybe should exist, linked from Activity in my profile.

Your invites are visible from your user page. They won’t show which topic a user was invited to, however. Feels a bit like trivia to me. seems to be something different, not invites to a topic. (I just invited you to this topic again and nothing showed up there.) Or did I misunderstand?

Oh you mean inviting an existing user. That’s a different thing. I don’t see why it would matter, or need to be visible to anyone?

Esp given you can’t invite the same person more than once.

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The use case is that I want to see who I invited (maybe even when) to which topic.

The functionality is used as a moderation tool, so checking if the invited person actually responded or what else happened in topics where I felt it necessary to invite someone would allow tracking of these topics. Right now I would have to do that in some manual way, while the software definitely has the information and other things like <3 and solved etc have this overview.

(Tracking if an invitation to a topic was used or if the user clicked it is not necessary - just surfacing the existing data on what I did when in which topic for which users would be nice)

Yep, this would be a really useful feature! Our staff independently observes topics and 10 staffs, finding a very important topic, invite the same guy to participate. Some days later the boss see no activity in the topic, then he or she pushes the staff to invite “the person number one” to the topic. Everebody invites him again, bombing with emails.

Three features must have:

  1. List of topic reminders (in case if I want to cancel some reminders, mine or others as admin)
  2. Email notifications for topic reminders (first confirmation email with the link to cancel this reminder in one click, the second is a reminder email)
  3. List of invited persons (users should see all invites, not only theirs, to avoid duplicates)
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I’m not so sure I would want non-staff members to see invites. I use them as a way to respect personal space. For example, I use an at mention in a post as a “this discussion involves you” and I use an invite as a “this discussion may interest you”.

I don’t worry so much if my failure to get involved in a discussion is considered as a snub, but I would not want a more sensitive member to feel obligated to participate because it was publicly known that he had been explicitly addressed.

As for me, it’s not a privacy problem to share everybody to know that I was invited to the certain topic. Let’s everybody, who is interested, can see a list of involved people (or pending to participate). Why not? Because it is not only a public forum with elements of private space, but a Community first of all.

And seeing the list, the user will not invite the same person twice. Or, the user can see that a very important person already invited, so no reason to invite other less important staff.