List topics created by user with category


Dunno why this same question was deleted yesterday since I got a relevant reply so I’ll re-ask it, hoping nobody deletes it this time or at least gives me an explanation.

Is it possible to list the topics created by any user within a category ?

Apparently you can do it with a search but I don’t remember the exact thing I have to type which was given in the answer that got deleted.

(Robert McIntosh) #2

The reply you got from @ssvenn was:

Advanced search can do this if you restrict it to titles only, in very first post, posted by a specific user, select a category and don’t search for any particular keywords.
Like this: Search results for ‘@codinghorror in:title #plugin in:first order:latest_topic’ - Discourse Meta

I think the reason for deletion from #support was that this was a problem you were having with a plugin and not with Discourse, so it was not relevant to the category


Thanks for the answer

The main question was on Discourse itself and later in the discussion I derived to the plug-in, so I don’t think the whole topic deserved to be deleted.