LiteSpeed Server support?

I’m currently running a forum with Invision Community IPB v3.6.

How would I move to Discourse? Do you support LiteSpreed Server?

litespeed is a cpanel/plesk kind of thing built for hosting PHP based sites, I do not thing you can host Discourse on it, but to double check you can contact them and ask them if they support a VPS offering like digital ocean etc.

We have done IPB migrations before, depending on budget I can make recommendations, if you budget is a shoestring budget I would recommend making a post on #marketplace, if you can afford $300 a month I would recommend signing up with us.


I’ve done a big ipb migration or two. If there is a reason not to go with discourse hosting (which I always recommend if it fits your budget), I’ll be happy to help with migration and our setting up a server. See Discourse Migration – Literate Computing, LLC for some information about migrations (it’s largely about paying me to do it, but has other useful information).


$300, approx £232 for us British folks is a lot of money and money I do not have. We’ll stick with Digital Oceans $5 a month thanks and in the mean time learn a little.