Live Blogging plugin?

(Adrianbblk) #1

Hi Everyone,

Is there a plugin for Live Blogging similar to Reddit Live ?

(Bhanu Sharma) #2

What purpose does it serves?

(Markus) #3

What are the advantages? Do you need dozens of opinions for each bullet point?

You can do live blogging by simply create a (sub-)category, make it read only for normal users and just post everything into one topic. This would be my way :wink:

(Adrianbblk) #4

Yes, That’s a good ideea, but I think a plugin that allows anyone to create a live thread would be better. I was thinking to a box that add an edit to the first post and down bellow to be the “comment” section.

(Bhanu Sharma) #5

Have You tried to make the Post Wiki?

(Markus) #6

I would create a separate category with permissions to write and a new topic for comments. Therefore you reduuce redundancies and the people have to read other posts as well

(Adrianbblk) #7

Updates should be posted just by the creator. I know the creator can edit the first post and add updates, right ? But I was thinking that’s much better and profession if there’s a large text box and a button which will add the update in the first post, counting the update number and date and time of the post… Anyway.