Live Search broken?

Since a recent update to 2.4.0.beta4 the live search in our forum seems broken.

Entering the term “video” used to immediately show results. Now it only works when using a # symbol in front of any term, which should acutally search for tags only, right? Instead this searches for any occurance of the term now:

any ideas about what could cause this?

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Can repo this on our instance as well, and have been for a long time.

Try editing the topic with the word “video” in it, does it start showing up?

what exactly do you mean by that? the word “video” is just an example. you can type anything and it would not work unless you put a # in front…

More of a bug similar to this:

“What” is a stop word, meaning Postgres does not index it at all cause it knows it is super common


Sounds to me like nothing is indexed, is this an official install?

well official in that we didn’t modify anything in the source, but are running it on our own server. is there a way to re-index things?

Using our official docker install?

sorry to have not been precise. of course we used the official docker installation.

@sam so is there a way to re-index things?

Editing a post forces a reindex, there is a command for forcing a full reindex, no point running it unless a single edit brings back a single post to search

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am afraid, editing a single post does not make it show up when i search for its content afterwards.

wouldn’t the # be hint? as you see above, as soon as i prefix any word with a #, the search results are completely correct!

more findings: finally i noticed the live search only fails from /categories of /latest. as soon as i’m in any category, it actually works.

does this help in identifying the problem?

@sam may i bump this? anything we can try to fix this?

Unless you can reproduce it here, it is likely a problem with your site being customized or using broken plugins.

i assume it is a problem on our end. the question is, given the details i mentioned:

  • as seen in the gif, adding a # before a searchterm makes it work
  • it only fails from /categories or /latest, but works in any other category

since you know the system, could this give any hint as to where to look? what to test/try?

Disable all customizations and plugins.