Loading discussion never ends in embedded discourse

I’m trying to use Discourse as a commenting system for my blogs.

I have one blog based on Ghost and it worked great without pain. My second blog is based on Wordpress. However, the “Loading discussion” never ends and I cannot see the thread in Discourse. I checked the page HTML of my Wordpress blog and there is nothing wrong.

I think it might because Discourse fails to extract content from my blog. However, I checked [discourse url]/logs and there is nothing.

Is there anything I can do to solve the issue?

Are you using the wp-discourse plugin? Did the connection indication it was properly configured?

I was using it. However, it has some limitations. For example, a reply to someone is rendered as a normal reply to the article. It’s a bit confusing. Quoting is not properly rendered either. It requires some CSS modifications. I’m not sure if there will be more situations that require modifying CSS. So I disabled the commenting feature of wp-discourse and try to use the Discourse Embed feature.

Can you share the URL of an article where the embedding fails?

An example would be: