Localhost Discourse membername problem


(Mittineague) #1

Only a very minor issue.

While attempting to give all of my localhost Discourse example accounts avatars I have discovered that there are 2 members with incorrect membernames

  • pekka.gaiser
  • sam.saffron

This results in a lot of Avatar fetch attempts that fail
Attempts to go to profile pages fail with a routing error

I would like to correct them if possible unless they are that way for some reason unknown to me.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This is just very old dev data from early 2013.

(Mittineague) #3

Thanks for the clarification and lessening my worry.

I’m still testing for any side effects, but so far it looks like I’ve resolved my issue.

I went into the rails console and used
User.where('username = ?', 'pekka.gaiser')
User.where('username = ?', 'sam.saffron')
to get the ids, then
User.where('id = ?', 11).update_all(username: 'pekka_gaiser', name: 'pekka_gaiser', username_lower: 'pekka_gaiser')
User.where('id = ?', 15).update_all(username: 'sam_saffron', name: 'sam_saffron', username_lower: 'sam_saffron')
to change the names.

They now have avatars and I can get to their Profile pages without routing errors.

(Sam Saffron) #4

Maybe a pr is in order to fix the sample data set. (and migrate it to latest)