Localized staff group names changed?

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For some reason the staff groups (@valvojat, @henkilokunta, @yllapito, @luottamustaso…) have disappeared with the 1.8 upgrade and reverted back to english language (staff, moderators, trustlevel). Even old posts seem to have been migrated back to english versions of these strings.

This is a rather big UX change, as user were accustomed to the localized group names. A bug or a feature, @codinghorror?

Finnish locale typos and other notes
(rizka) #2

This had nothing to do with the Finnish locale I believe. None of those keys has changed recently. Most of them have been translated three years ago, while two of them I changed eight months ago. That change took place for 1.7 already, though.


Anyway, I inform that the spooky bug fixed itself perhaps. Everything is fine for now. All group names changed back to Finnish forms all of a sudden while @ljpp and I both deny that we did something to the issue. Maybe our third admin ozzi did, but I doubt it.

(ljpp) #3

Indeed, the translation issues surfaced and then disappeared spontaniously.

I am suspecting that the upgrade triggered some migration tasks that were executed in the background?

(rizka) #4

The problem comes and goes. After the 1.8 upgrade names of automatic groups were in English (@staff etc.). Today they were in Finnish as they used to be in 1.7 (@henkilokunta etc.). Now they are back to English names. It’s a very weird issue.

(rizka) #5

This still keeps on going. I have a feeling that the changing might be periodical so I just told an online tool to scan for changes at Tappara.co every hour. Once the group name changes back to moderators, the tool should alert my email address. I’ll report if I find anything.

Meanwhile, does anyone else have a similar issue after upgrading to 1.8?

(Evgeny) #6

I think I described the problem here. Many translations that were made in the admin interface, back to the source.

(rizka) #7

I’m not sure these are related @Evgeny. These issues are quite different if I understood it right. This one concerns just automatic group names which also are not locally translated but globally instead. Especially, they keep changing back and forth between the localized and English forms. None of those apply to your issue if I understood right?

The job seems to be working. It tells me that the page I linked above has become an error page between 7.05 pm and 8.10 pm EEST. I noticed it before the alert though around 7.50 pm. Now let’s see if it changes back to the Finnish form @valvojat in 12 hours as I expect it to.

(rizka) #8

Now it changed back to @valvojat between 5.07 am and 7.36 am, which fits into my theory of changing every 12 hours. The myth is not yet fully confirmed though so I keep monitoring.

By the way, the same phenomenon appears on a smaller side project site of ours as well. Either there is something really fishy with @ljpp’s backend configuration or there is a #bug.

(ljpp) #9

The backend configuration is 1:1 according to Discourse default installation documentation, so it is very difficult to see myself as the root cause.

(rizka) #10

Now I’m quite convinced that it keeps changing every 12 hours. Does anyone have any idea what might be the cause? What has changed for 1.8?

(Alan Tan) #11

@ljpp did you customize the group names in anyway?

(ljpp) #12

I cannot recall any changes made to the default group names.

(rizka) #13

Also if you look at the staff action log, you can confirm that they have never been changed. As I said earlier in this thread, I think this must be a separate issue.

I’ve been monitoring our site a lot lately, and I see a pattern. The language of group names changes every day around 7.34 am and 7.34 pm. With one exception so far: there was an extra change last night which basically turned the cycle around.

What I probably should do next is to monitor other sites.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #14

What job runs at that time on /sidekiq/scheduler ?

(rizka) #15

Good question, I wasn’t aware of such thing. In seven hours, around the time of the next change, there will be Jobs::EnsureDbConsistency. It last happened 4 hours ago. Considering rounding, I suppose it happens every 12 hours, around the time of this phenomenon. I can’t tell exactly right now as the history log won’t go far enough.

I can also confirm that this happens at @probus’ Finnish site palsta.keskuskentta.fi and a German site http://entwicklergate.de. They both run 1.9.0 unlike our site which is 1.8.1.

Edit. I see the bug in action on all five sites I chose to monitor. This definitely is a #bug.

(rizka) #16

Would you review this fix you made in January, @tgxworld? It looks very related.

(Alan Tan) #18

Good catch fixed in

Thank you for investigating and reporting @rizka @ljpp

(ljpp) #19

Nice bug squash @tgxworld & @rizka!

There is solid reasoning to release this in the stable branch, once verified on the master.

  • Breaks basic UX
  • Is regression
  • Reappearing / disapearing nature of the issue.

(Alan Tan) #20

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