Location of the server affects fetching results

Is there a configuration for “Forum’s default language?”

If you try to fetch a result of google, like this is a search text - Google Search , the location of the server where discourse is installed is affected, on this fetched result we can read “Google Search”, my server is located in Germany and the results are “Google-Suche”

I am sorry I am not following your question here. Can you try explaining again?

Ok: So you paste a link from a “google search result”, and the text that is rendered/converted to that link is SOMETHING - Google Search

This is correct, but in my discourse install it says instead: SOMETHING - Google-Suche, and the reason of this is probably because the server of my discourse install is located in germany, so the scripts that render the text “fetching the title of the page” results in a German-based title

I assume that the fetcher renderer should be prefixed to use the discourse’s default language for their calls, maybe as an URL parameter for the google results since the ip-from cannot be changed? hum…