Location - Yours - Distributed Dev Team?

(Doug Harman) #1

Is Discourse’s development team distributed globally? Like Wordpress’. My site is in stealth / development. While most of the site traffic is clearly mine / the development team, I noted that 15% of the traffic Cloudflare tracked is from Samara Oblast (Russia), with smaller portions from Australia and Canada. That from Russia is probably a bot. Australia and Canada? I’m asking in order to avoid future problems. I blocked traffic from Russia, Romania, and China. Since my site is only for US professionals, I’m going to block all international traffic unless that will cause issues.

(Sam Saffron) #2

Australia and Canada would be me (Australia) and Neil and Robin in Canada. Regis is in France, no idea who is in Russia.

From my own experience geoblocking always ends up bad, only reason people institute it is as a legal requirements (videos and such) people who want in will still get in.

(Doug Harman) #3

Yes, ‘hackers’ can always circumvent geoblocking using proxy servers. However, why make it easier for them. I’ll leave China and Russia blocked. Thanks.


I don’t understand this question, eh. Why would you block entire “countries” from accessing your website?

If they don’t respect your rules or they spam you can always do something against that. Making an US-only website is definitely not good.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

I think it is fair to block certain “problematic” countries where there are virtually no valid users but lots of problem spammers. Have heard of sites doing this before, if .0001% of your users are from Pakistan but 25% of your spam comes from there, it is a defensible block IMO.

But I would only do this where the data supported it, not by guessing or assuming @DKH.