Locking a Topic to Moderator/Regular Contribution Only

(Kevin Laster) #1

Hey all, I’m a regular on one of the communities that uses discourse for their forum. We currently have an issue where we would like a topic to be locked only to moderator/regular contribution, but the feature seems to be non-existent. My question to you is: is it currently possible with discourse to allow such actions?

(cpradio) #2

Close the topic, then only staff can reply to it. That doesn’t work for TL3 though

(Kevin Laster) #3

We also want regulars to be able to post as well, not just moderators. My question is that if there’s a way to implement this, or if it’s impossible.

(cpradio) #4

And the topic needs to be public? So it can’t be in a special category or in a Group Message?

(Kevin Laster) #5

Yep, needs to be public.

(cpradio) #6

Only other idea I have is you can make Wiki Edits only available for TL 3, make the topic public, close it, and then only the staff/TL3 can interact with it by performing Wiki Edits

(rizka) #7

You control who can post and who can see with categories. You will have to create a new (sub)category to achieve this.