Locking a Topic to Moderator/Regular Contribution Only

Hey all, I’m a regular on one of the communities that uses discourse for their forum. We currently have an issue where we would like a topic to be locked only to moderator/regular contribution, but the feature seems to be non-existent. My question to you is: is it currently possible with discourse to allow such actions?

Close the topic, then only staff can reply to it. That doesn’t work for TL3 though

We also want regulars to be able to post as well, not just moderators. My question is that if there’s a way to implement this, or if it’s impossible.

And the topic needs to be public? So it can’t be in a special category or in a Group Message?

Yep, needs to be public.

Only other idea I have is you can make Wiki Edits only available for TL 3, make the topic public, close it, and then only the staff/TL3 can interact with it by performing Wiki Edits


You control who can post and who can see with categories. You will have to create a new (sub)category to achieve this.