LOG: database system is shut down

(treb0r) #1


I just attempted to update a long running discourse instance.

I went to /var/discourse as root and ran:

git pull

./launcher rebuild app

It’s now just hanging at:

2017-08-03 17:23:17.936 UTC [47] LOG: database system is shut down

I have a backup thankfully.

The droplet is running Ubutnu 12.04.5

What should I do to get up and running again?

(treb0r) #2

I tried to modify the sleep time for postgres as set out in this thread:

The db finally came back up but all the posts and backups since May are missing.

Uploading my fresh backup now, fingers crossed :disappointed_relieved:

(treb0r) #3

All sorted, sorry for the noise :joy: